LETTER: Extra charge to use pool is unwarranted

Charging after swimming lessons seems unnecessary

Hi I’m Adelina Pattugalan a parent who enrolled my daughter for her level 2 swimming lesson. I was surprise that even if she’s enrolled I to such program she still and must pay $2 to swim after her lesson.

We are taxpayers we have already paid for these parks and recreation to operate, why are we still subjected to pay for her to use such facility? The mere fact that she’s already there for her lessons. Isn’t this double dipping from the government?

And I’m constantly being ask to the point of being harassed in the water for  $2 hand stamp. Two lady lifeguards there basically if they could throw you out of the pool they would. That was their behavior there.

Here’s my suggestion if they want their $2 for every swimmer/user of the pool they should put these two lady lifeguards at the door going into the pool so as to check everyone has their hand stamped. So no one has to be harassed inside the pool like they do to me.

Thank you,

Adelina Pattugalan

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