LETTER: Electric cars are the way of the future

Here I stand for electronic vehicles in Abbotsford and in the Fraser Valley...

An open letter to Henry Braun:

I am a student at Abbotsford Christian Middle School. Here I stand for electronic vehicles in Abbotsford and in the Fraser Valley. Electronic vehicles are the way of the future. Fossil fuels are rapidly being depleted because the need to fuel cars is growing and this industry relies on this non-renewable resource.

Electronic cars are a green car as in an eco-friendly car. Electricity is a renewable resource. We rely on getting our power from hydroelectric dams, but here in the Valley I propose that we can lead the way to a less common source of electrical production which can be made from cow manure or any kind of waste from farms and water treatment plants. This can benefit our community by making us one of the few cities that uses electricity instead of fossil fuels to fuel our vehicles.

This will make and change how other communities look at us here in the Fraser Valley and how we live are lives, as we lead the way into the future of cars and an eco-friendly environment.

As a start to this revolutionary industry, I suggest starting by educating the community by providing many more charging stations for the electronic vehicles currently on the market.

Using the existing advertising billboards such as over the highways and streets, we could get the people talking about what our gas usage does to the environment and how electronic fuel makes our city cleaner and leads to fresher air in the Valley.

Rick Summers, Abbotsford

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