LETTER: Development encroaches on space of wildlife

I watch as we build more and more homes up the mountainside...

Re: “Bear climbs fence, attacks dog in Auguston area,” The News, Aug. 27

Wow! Frightening situation for both pup and owner and I am ever so glad that neither are seriously hurt. No fiercer thing out there than a momma bear protecting her cubs.

I have a fear here and it’s quite a big one. I fear that, if this momma “interacts” with anyone else in the next short while that she, and her cubs, will suffer a dire consequence, possibly as severe as being killed to protect the humans.

I need to ask, why?

I have lived in Abbotsford for 10 years now and I watch as we build more and more homes up the mountainside and into space that, up until now, has been the domain of bears like this momma and her cubs.

We build, we buy, and we live in this space and then get upset when the wildlife visits our backyard, upset enough to end the lives of these animals who are only trying to make the best of what we are leaving them.

My advice to those building, buying, and living on these properties is simple. Be prepared to share your space with the wildlife and take the necessary precautions to be safe. Or better yet, stop building.


Yvonne Brien


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