LETTER: Destroying democratic vote

RE: Announcement by Attorney Gen. Barry Penner, who stated that the provincial Liberal cabinet is moving ahead with a mail-in vote on whether to scrap the HST.

Generally speaking, mail-in voting – or worse, online voting – is the first step on a climb to the destruction of democratic voting for citizens, which should always be done in a public area operated by Electons Canada or other government group.

Otherwise, an individual’s vote may be pressured by various sitiuations such as where you work, who is gathering up the ballots to be mailed, and also in private households where one person may take charge of the ballots.

Yes, mail-ins or on-line voting may save some money but at what real cost?

Perhaps lowering some costs in over-paid areas elsewhere would be a much better decision than to destroy citizens’ privacy to vote.

Lila Rauh