LETTER: Delivering our own garbage

No fun taking recyclables to four different locations

Isn’t it fun delivering our own garbage?

What was picked up at the curb prior to the election now has to be dropped at four different places. The Mission Abbotsford recycling station had a transfer station and yard waste drop at the same place. Not anymore.

If you have plastic bags (who doesn’t?) you have to save them up and then take them to various drop-off – if they will accept them.

If you have construction waste, you have to take it down to Vye Road, on the other side of town. Of course, you are weighed and charged.

Here’s the killer: If you have a lot of yard waste, from pruning or whatever, you have to take it to the special compost site on Gladwin to be ground up for gardening products. We also get to pay for the privilege, minimum $10.

I pay taxes for garbage pickup and I resent having to deliver it as well. I demand that at least the plastic bags be picked up at the street along with the rest of the garbage. There is no saving to taxpayers if we have to deliver them ourselves. It costs a whole lot more for taxpayers to deliver their garbage than it would to have another truck pick up the plastic bags and film from our homes.

The yard waste and compost is picked up by the recyclers as is the recyclables, but the city only picks up garbage (excluding plastic film) every second week.

Let’s require city hall to provide the services we are paying for. If they won’t, then we’ll have to make some changes on election day.

David Hubbard