LETTER: Comments were more like hate mail

Breckenridge makes many statements which he tosses out as though they were fact.

As a longtime admirer of James Breckenridge, I have to reply in shock to his politically correct letter insulting the citizens and council members of Abbotsford (Setting aside facts May 28).

Breckenridge makes many statements which he tosses out as though they were fact – as though we are “killing people who do not need to die”; moreover, “promoting the spread of disease”, and costing taxpayers “hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars” and “denying a specific group of citizens health care.”

This entire diatribe because we do not wish to give free needles to addicts.

Not enough vitriol, Breckenridge slanders the Christian community as “ethically reprehensible, spiritually corrupt and corrupting.”

Nor do ordinary citizens escape his contempt, painting us as “sanctimonious,depraved jackasses in the eyes of the rest of Canada!”

If ever there was a letter that could be described as hate mail – flinging charges right and left with no proof, this one would well qualify. I am horrified and disappointed that a letter with such unmitigated trash and arrogance should qualify to be considered seriously in  a family newspaper.

Shame on Breckenridge for his opinions and on the judgment of the editorial board for stooping to such a low level of journalism.

George Bochenek

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