LETTER: Christians being discriminated against

It's bad is to see lawyers bullying people of the Christian faith

Re: Abbotsford News article, B.C. lawyers vote to overturn Christian law school recognition – Oct. 30, 2014

So, who’s really being discriminated against today?

It’s Christians, that’s who!

Whether it’s radical Muslims killing innocent Christians in the Middle East or, in the US, where business owners like Dan Cathy, one of the owners of Chick-Fil-A, are persecuted verbally and maligned by pro-gay supporters and reporters in the media.

In Canada, lawyers now bully Trinity Western University law students, simply because they’re Christians and are committed to celibacy before marriage, to marriage between a man and a woman, and to being faithful to their spouse for life. Now there’s a concept!

You are not “bad” just because you believe it’s good to have a Mom and Dad!

What is bad is to see lawyers bullying people of the Christian faith.

They need to stop and to not repeat the sorry, shameful lessons of history. First, the Jews were laughed at, then called names, and then publicly mocked. Soon, the voices of the Jews were banned from the public arena. Ultimately, they were ostracized by political leaders in Germany who repeated malicious lies about the Jews…then the gas chambers.

Shame on the lawyers for trying to bully Christians into silence.

Equality and freedom of speech and religion are priceless human rights for all in Canada.

What seems to be going unsaid is that Christians, by and large, are honest, hard-working, civic-minded, compassionate people. They treat AIDS victims with compassion. They’re the first on the ground to help victims in disasters. They promote public health, public education, law and order in society, and equality for all citizens. The foundation for our precious rights and freedoms in Western democracy, in fact, are based on Judeo-Christian values!

So, the bottom line is this.

Everyone with religious beliefs or with no spiritual beliefs at all, should be welcome to say that he or she supports the concept of marriage between  one man and one woman, because it is demonstrably wise, good, and healthy for society, as a whole, and the raising of children.

To believe in marriage between a man and a woman in love is wonderful, not criminal.


Trudy Beyak



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