LETTER: Cat has leg amputated after dog attack

We worry that the next time they attack it might be a child.

On Wednesday Sept.25 at my home on Kent Ave in East Abbotsford, my daughter was awakened to the horrific cries of our cat from the front yard.  She jumped up, grabbed a lacrosse stick, ran into the yard and to her horror saw a large dog with our six-year-old cat Angel (weighing in at about 20 lbs.) in its jaws, rag-dolling her around and another dog also pawing at her.

After swinging the stick and yelling, the animals dropped the cat and turned to growl at her with the hair on their backs standing up.

Angel lay wounded in the grass, so she continued to swing and bang the stick, and yell at the dogs.  They finally left, and she was able to pick up the cat and get her into the house.  She called me at work and we raced to get the cat to the vet. She was in major respiratory distress and had several puncture wounds to her back leg. She also had shredded her front claws trying to defend herself and she must have done quite a bit of damage as they were bloody and full of fur as well.

After trying without success to save her leg with surgery, two days later she had to have the leg amputated.  We have never noticed these dogs before in our neighbourhood. One was dark in colour with a black nylon collar and looked like a pitbull; the other was black with a bit of white, with the same build, slightly smaller, and a snoutier nose.

We have been unable to locate the dogs, and we worry that the next time they attack it might be a child.  We would love to locate the owners of these dogs, who have not been seen since, I imagine they are locked away until their scratches heal.  Calling the animal control did not help, although they did ask us to write up a statement of what happened and forward it to them.

Bonnie Levesque


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