LETTER: Cannon shots go off every minute

Audible bird-scare devices should be banned outright

As we are working on our farm on this gorgeous┬áSunday afternoon, we can’t help but feel frustrated by the noise of the propane cannons that we can hear from multiple different directions coming from the farms that surround us.

As the cannons rotate, the shots that directly face us make us jump. They go off at least every minute when the noise is combined from all of the different farms. We shouldn’t have to give up our task of working outside and leave our farm to avoid the noise.

These audible bird-scare devices (ABSD) should not be considered a right to farm because they intrude other farming practices and people’s lives. Why should people using propane cannons have the right to intrude into our lives? In our opinion, the use of these devices should be a criminal act. There are studies about the negative effects of noise on human health and ABSDs are no exception.

In addition, it’s obvious that they don’t work, simply from observation and studies that have been published in the past. There are many other methods of warding off birds that are more effective.

It’s time to revise the use of these ABSDs. Allowing them in the first place was a big mistake and they should be outright banned.

The Dumases