LETTER: Butting out is the right decision

Commending pending decision of city council to prohibit smoking of all kinds in park

I can only commend the pending decision of the city council to prohibit smoking of all kinds in the parks.

The evidence of severe negative impact on our health is more than enough to take immediate action in this respect.

Contrary to the remarks of Kevin Sawatzky, the evidence is quite clear that the taxes on tobacco products cover less than 30 per cent of the medical costs related to smoking. The current tax is anything but astronomical.

Even if it were doubled, the rest of us would continue to pay for the stupidity of those who persist in this despicable habit.

Those who persist in smoking need to learn to respect the health of all, including children and those who might have other health problems.

I can only hope there is a significant penalty which can readily be applied for those defying said laws.

Frank Wirell