LETTER: Build new water pipeline to Stave Lake

City will be destroyed if we do not get a reliable water source fast.

This heat is not going away. Seems the bad decision to not put in a pipeline to Stave Lake for additional water has come to haunt us.

We had better get cracking and build that pipe! The long-range weather forecast says warm winter and another hot summer.

This city will be destroyed if we do not get a reliable water source fast. It is not just the grass, but hedges, trees, shrubs etc. are being killed off.

Imagine what another year of this heat will do.

People cannot wash the outside of their homes, their cars, driveways, have pools for their kids, sprinklers, etc. Our properties are going down in value, and any buyers that take a tour of the burned-out Abby, with all the water restrictions, won’t want to move here, and all those new homes being built will remain empty, less taxes. Our city leaders should immediately arrange a deal with others, if needed, to get this water pipeline built. I have been collecting my shower water and using it to sparingly water the weakest plants. The bit of soap does not seem to affect them.

Stop worrying about garbage collection, and get us some water, before we have to declare a provincial  disaster and get federal help. Maybe get money now from Ottawa to get that pipeline going.

Election time is approaching; what better time.

Dennis Cook