LETTER: Bring lacrosse into Abbotsford Centre instead of hockey

Lacrosse is Canada's game and can be rougher than hockey

I’d like to suggest a plausible use for our arena now that the recent fiasco has been put to rest (except for the outstanding debt).

Instead of having an American business (NHL) in the arena and run by an American promotions company (Global Spectrum) let’s do something Canadian for a change. By the way I’m still choked at paying full price for half a show (Cirque Du Soleil).

Apparently the reason for the departure is that all the other teams are in the east which costs money to travel to, which we paid for.

Well, let’s shop local.

Ever hear of the NLL? Lacrosse is a Canadian game that’s just as rough, if not rougher, than hockey.

There is also a large local following which means the arena would have more paying fans than the Heat ever did, and the travel is minimal. There are lots of teams in the Lower Mainland as well.

Except for what we pay to Global, the cash would stay home.

Another plus for this game is that it wouldn’t cost parents of wanna-be players an arm and a leg and another mortgage. It’s enough fun to maybe even get the kids off the video games for a while.

Besides, when was the last time you heard the Hockey Night in Canada theme?

Dan Garrett, Abbotsford