LETTER: Bottled water has its place

There are various worthy reasons as to why people choose to buy bottled water...

In response to Raymond Kobes, I do agree that we may have good water, if you compare it to some other third world countries.

However, there are various worthy reasons as to why people choose to buy bottled water. I personally can always taste the difference between bottled water and tap water. I can’t be the only one, because there is a huge market for bottled water.

It may be perfectly safe to drink tap water, however bottles water is noticeably clearer. Back in 2006, Vancouverites were warned not to drink tap water after murky water showed up in the water supply in the aftermath of the powerful storm that hit B.C.’s south coast .

Companies like Starbucks, have revealed that the secret to brewing the perfect cup of coffee is using clean filtered water. Bottled water lacks any chlorine smell, or earthy taste that is normally present in tap water. No one wants to be able to taste chlorine in a cup of water.

Additionally, sometimes copper plumbing deteriorates and deposits contaminants like chemicals and acids, which could end up in your class of water from the tap. If we are really worried about the environment, we should consider alternatives to driving. Lets not forget the portability and convenience of bottled water. Tap water may not be available at the movie theatre, or when you’re on that 23 hour road trip. It may be free to withdrawal money from the bank, yet people continue to use ATM’s and pay service charges due to convenience. ┬áThis is why I, and millions of others will continue to purchase bottled water.

Stephanie Marto