LETTER: Be honest about flag decision

I firmly believe they have caved into browbeating and bullying by a self-centred minority...

Dear AbbyNews,

Thanks to Richard Peachy for drawing our attention to the “Pride flag” issue. Let me be clear at the outset, I do not care for homosexual activity. I do not think it a healthy activity; and I therefore cannot encourage anyone to celebrate or promote it.

I am not ambivalent about it, I am put off by it. That said, let me also make it clear that I wish no harm on homosexual/lesbian folks, and I do not begrudge them one ounce of happiness that they can wring from this life. But I stop at the point where I am invited to be dishonest, to promote something that I do not like and I consider unhealthy and harmful.

Like most people, I simply avoid this topic and get on with other things. Unfortunately, that results in a one-sided discussion. And it looks like Abbotsford council has done the same thing. Little or no discussion, and the easiest way out is to quietly say OK and avoid the windstorm of hateful browbeating that would doubtlessly come forward from the activist minority.

Again, the homosexual agenda is masquerading under the banner “inclusive,” but the core of the matter, homosexual and lesbian sexual activity, is something that the majority are excluded from.  This is not inclusiveness, it is exclusiveness. As our children are growing through puberty, they need guidance. They should be guided towards a healthy, heterosexual lifestyle. If they grow to adult, and turn out to be homosexual/lesbian, then let them go on their way and find their happiness. But until then, we need to guide them as above.

What we need in our schools, along with the gay agenda, is the message that you do not have a problem, and suffer from no “phobia” sickness if you do not care for homosexual activity. You should be encouraged to speak your mind openly and clearly on this matter. I see no evidence of that so far in our schools. If Abbotsford has had a practice (if not an actual policy) of not flying flags to promote one group or another, then they should have the courage to stay with that practice.

We don’t need a flag for homosexual/lesbian people anymore than we need a flag for short, fat, thin or other people. By not favouring one group we are effectively including all people. As for painting a sidewalk, it would be a continual reminder of something I (and most others) do not care for. Not a good idea.

On this matter, and if I had known it was coming to council, I would certainly ask the councillors to have the courage to vote according to what they honestly believe in their hearts. So far, they have said, “I support sodomy, and other such sexual activity.” If that is really true, then so be it. But I firmly believe they have caved into browbeating and bullying by a self-centred minority.

Australia got it right by reversing a divisive policy that allowed homosexual/lesbian marriages. “A victory for common sense,” as their prime minister said.

Now is the time for Abbotsford councillors to stand and be counted, to vote the way they honestly feel in their hearts about homosexual/lesbian sexual activity. Your children are watching. You can still be a caring, considerate, loving, and compassionate person if you vote down this proposal. You just need the courage to be honest and open about this matter.

Michael Murdock,

Abbotsford, B.C.

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