LETTER: Abby Digs proposal has merit

So even if Abby Digs is viewed as a stop-gap solution, it could protect several homeless individuals

Letter to the editor :

The author of “Rectify the harm that’s been done” (Sept. 17/14) writes in support of those who require housing, and many of the points made are valid.

At the same time, I believe the Abby Digs proposal has merit — even if supportive and affordable housing options make it past the drawing board (as I believe they should, and soon).

As far as permanent construction is concerned, it would take well over a year to go from breaking ground to housing those in need.

So even if Abby Digs is viewed as a stop-gap solution, it could protect several homeless individuals from another winter on the streets.  It may be the only option that keeps yet another street person from being hospitalized due to frostbite.

Portland Oregon has supported their Dignity Village for 14 years.  The reality that it is located many kilometres from the city centre does not appear to distress the inhabitants.

Sure there’s a chance that a local camp may not become all that supporters hope for — yet even a trial that comes short of being a resounding success trumps the status quo.

And perhaps we should find out whether those without shelter have as many reservations about the project as those who sleep in a warm bed every night.

— Regina Dalton