LETTER: Abbotsford Heat was never the city’s team

The men on this team were never “our team"...

Re: Happy now with Heat loss? April 18 edition.

Mr. Fankhanel writes regarding the departure of the Abbotsford Heat, “This was our team representing Abbotsford and we should all have been on board supporting this team.”

The men on this team were never “our team.”

They are called hockey players. These players are from all over the country. The Calgary Flames are called “the owners.” The owners buy, sell and trade the players, at will.

Abbotsford council had absolutely no business tying our tax dollars into subsidizing the private business ventures of either the local owners, or the Calgary Flames.

Nor was it legal to consign the taxpayers to a contract beyond five years.

The only sad thing about their departure is that they are taking $5.5 million more with them. What a sad state of leadership in our city.

Gerda Peachey