LETTER: A parents’ worst nightmare

Family appreciates empathy and care regarding their son

In response to the Sept. 10 article “Can anyone identify this person?”

A parent’s worst nightmare…

My husband and I cam home after a few days away. As habit, the mail is strewn on the kitchen counter. We casually flip through the stuff and find an article, “Can you identify this person?”

The tattoos shown are eerily familiar. We go on to read the description of this person.

Every person has a twin, right? It can’t be our son! No! No! No! Not our Jesse!

The rest is a blur.

We want to sincerely thank the editors for the sensitivity shown for the photos. A great big thank you to the Abby PD for their empathy and care regarding our son. Also to Const. Ian MacDonald for his follow-up article regarding “missing person identified.”

You saved my son’s dignity by telling others he was known to be an “outstanding member” of our community with strong family connections.

We were comforted by that, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jesse’s family