LETTER: A list of how-comes

How come there is no government aid to those in their final years?

After many years of being employed and paying the taxes to receive a financial return that would allow me to maintain a continued standard of life, how come I cannot?

Because of leaking condos, a depreciation report is now required for all multiple housing units. Builders, insurances and owners had to come up with the monies needed for repair 55-plus dwellings that would not suffer the same fate are now included, this places a financial burden on the fixed income, often single occupant. Any increase in the monthly outlay affects the Dept to Income (DTI) on their credit rating.

How come there is no government aid to those in their final years?

How come an immigrant to our shores of the same age group can get thousands more per month in welfare handouts, than a pension that has been earned?

How come a sponsor of said immigrant is not held financially responsible?

How come tolerance is offered to others so as not to offend their culture or religion, but contravenes our standards that we went to war, twice, to uphold?

How come shops can offer goods with signs not in our legal choice of languages?

How come our elected officials get to earn more than the mean average of those that elect them and much, much greater in pensions?

How come a kid can get a weapon into a school that can kill or maim, yet a teacher, policeman or parent can not discipline?

How come we allow future Canadians to disrespect the Queen after pledging allegiance to her?

How come there is not an official body in place that makes sure that as Canadians our rights, laws and customs are maintained in equality?

How come, after reading this you have not responded with three more, how comes?

Oh, if only I could afford to move.

Lawrence Tilley