Is Victoria ready for a major earthquake?

Along with the rest of the world, I watched newscasts of the scenes of destruction in Japan, following the earthquake and the tsunami last week.

Then, following with more devastation, we witnessed the nuclear plant explosions, whose ultimate harm will not be known for some time.

Of course, more than usual, we on the Pacific Coast are now constantly asked “Are you ready?” and “What preparations have you made?” – because our coast is also on an earthquake fault line.

Questions which I, and no doubt many other citizens would like to ask, are: “How ready are you – our provincial government?”

Also, “What preparations are you making to ensure personnel and  government data is protected, and what protocol is in place for rescue operations, when your command centre is under water?”

A similar question should be also asked of all local communities as well whose areas edge rivers or other bodies of water.

Even if we  had more warning than the Japanese government had, there is no way our B.C. government could evacuate personnel, documents and other important objects from Vancouver Island and get it all shifted to the Mainland  before flooding would occur.

There is no need to try to imagine the situation or simulate tests – one merely has to examine the film footage of reality happening in Japan, reportedly far more ready than any other country to deal with their frequent, less severe, earthquakes.

So provincial government, “Are YOU ready?”

Premier Christy Clark, and all MLA’s and parties should look carefully at the many scenes filmed in Japan and decide what they, as our provincial government,  would do to ensure the safety of all people living here.

Lila Rauh