Hundreds of millions at stake

Abbotsford's water shortage did not happen overnight.

Water shortages do not happen overnight.

This is something that develops over time and anyone who knows how quickly Abbotsford is growing should know that the availability of water could become an issue. So, why didn’t city council start thinking about this before it became a “crisis.”

We all know that water supply is a priority. Why has council insisted on wasting millions of dollars supporting a Calgary hockey team, building a museum and cultural centre that nobody I know has seen or has any interest in, putting up raspberry statues, etc?

What happened to city planning and budgeting?

My income is no longer keeping up with all these increases. Why does the mayor and council wait until the last minute and then expect us all to okay another tax hike when they can’t seem to control the spending of our tax dollars?

Debbie Mendini