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Re: New tactics explored to unclog hospitals. The one that will help unclog the ER ...

Re: New tactics explored to unclog hospitals

The one that will help unclog the ER would be if there were nurses that could go out to the elderly people and let the caregivers know if they have to bring them to the ER.

I look after my husband and I have brought him to the ER quite a few times because I did not know if I should be worried or not.

I always call the 311 or emergency before I take him in and they have always said to bring him in.

Sometimes it was for nothing and I feel so guilty as I know how busy they are there.

If you could call a nurse or someone with knowledge that could come out and tell you if you should or not take them in then that would help not clog up the ER, and the caregiver would be put at ease, as I don’t know when it is dangerous or not, so I bring him in.

The doctors and nurses are so great at the hospital, and we are so lucky that they have chosen to go into the profession of helping people.

They are angels sent from God.

Millie Lylyk