Harper has rough first week

The Conservative Party finally achieved their majority, but I’m not so sure if you are a Conservative you would want to admit it after just over one week in power.

I’m sure I’ve heard Prime Minister Stephen Harper say he believes in an elected Senate. Yet he stacked the Senate with all his friends before this latest election, and of course now just appointed three more. These three lost in the  election, and two of them left the Senate to run as MPs.

They are rewarded by being appointed to the Senate. I must say this turns my stomach.

What else happens in the first week? Mr. Harper introduced his cabinet, which is one of  the largest ever. I thought he believed in smaller government.

Shouldn’t they lead by example by trimming cabinet? I thought they were going to reduce the deficit. Doesn’t look like it to me, with fighter jets to pay for, and mega-prisons to build. How are they going to come up with the money?

Hang on tight, folks, I think cuts will come from health care, and there will be tax hikes for you and me.


Rob Knelsen