Government will adjust HST to make it palatable

On Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to take part in the HST town hall  phone conference, along with 24,000 other Valley residents.

I found it interesting and informative.

The technology blew me away, and it all seemed to work very well.

I had no prior knowledge of Minister Falcon other than seeing him the odd time on TV, and was most impressed by his grasp of the subject matter and his patience and courtesy in taking the calls.

He was quick to admit that the government had made an error in the way they introduced the tax with so little discussion with the public, and frank in admitting that there was a cost to the average family to having the HST.

On the whole, I think the government is doing their best to handle a difficult situation, and they will do their utmost to adjust the tax to make it as palatable as possible, while still paying the province’s bills.

Assuming we go back to the GST and PST, where do we find the money for the federal grant repayment  and the cost of instituting the new tax regime?

Carol Ebenstiner