Get past the outfits, and watch a great sports show

The date was Aug. 25, and, unsurprising to most, I was skeptical.

The date was Aug. 25, and, unsurprising to most, I was skeptical.

I was attending the inaugural game of a sports franchise that was riding a wave of stigma and controversy.

I came expecting a farce. I came expecting a show, to be entertained, but strictly on a baser scale. It took only the first play for me to understand how very mistaken I was.

I am talking, of course, about the Lingerie Football League’s BC Angels.

What many choose to see stops at the outfits – and what they accentuate.

Don’t get me wrong, these are gorgeous women. However, what stood out for me was not cup size but heart, not curves but spirit.

It took only that very first play to realize that it wouldn’t matter for these women if they were playing naked or in parkas, they desire only to play and to win.

I’m not an educated football fan.  I enjoy watching the game, but I can’t tell you much about exact skill, or abilities, or how these traits would compare to other leagues.  What I can tell you is what became abundantly clear – that these women are so passionate about their sport that they play with more drive, more grit, and more guts than I’ve witnessed outside of playoff hockey.

On Nov. 18, the BC Angels will be playing the Saskatoon Sirens in the first LFL Canada Lingerie Bowl, which is their playoffs.

I’m desperately hoping to get through to at least some sports fans that either don’t know the team exists, or weren’t sure about the sport.

The first two home games had some passionate fans, some wonderfully loud fans, but there were still a huge chunk of empty seats.

And quite frankly, these women deserve better.  They play too hard and endure too much, for lack of a more educated word, BS from those who can’t get past the outfits to realize what a great sports show these ladies put on.

The fact of the matter is, if you can’t get over the outfits, blame the men, don’t blame the women. They just want to play football.

It is my hope that when these women hit the field on Nov. 18, they’ll be knocked off their feet by the thunder emanating from a packed house.

Heath Colliar