Frustration over public transit

Manuel Achadinha, president and CEO of BC Transit, recently said, “It isn’t enough to get feedback from people who ride the bus.” He wants non-riders’ comments as well.

As a person who has used public transit and is opting to purchase a vehicle, this is my input and reasons for choosing to purchase a car.

– I will arrive early and not late at Langley Memorial Hospital, and be there for family when needed. I will  most likely arrive in time to see my next grandchild born.

– Standing in Aldergrove on Saturday for two and a half hours in freezing cold trying to get home will be eliminated. Also, no more tears will be shed or prayers said, looking up to heaven asking God, “Why?”

– Lonely holidays will be eliminated, because I can accept invitations. And next year, I can actually get to the cenotaph to pay my respects.

– Standing at bus stops while they frequently pass by with “SORRY” signs will end. (Trust me, I was much more sorry than the bus driver when I was late for my appointments).

– The fear and anxiety standing down town at 5 p.m. alone because the bus was late will be eliminated.

I am not prejudiced against the homeless, drug dealers, prostitutes and pimps, but I will feel much safer as a senior in my car.

My vote for better public transit for the next 25 years is not! I say opt to buy a car rather than an improved transit system.

No more future planning meetings needed, no more broken promises of a better transit system, and no more time wasted.

I know the expenses as a senior on low income will be a hardship, but nothing can compare to the frustration, stress and danger of the Abbotsford transit system.

Eleanor Burnside