Freedoms taken for granted

Re: Mission home inspections for grow-ops

Can this be happening in Canada? Home invasions by our government, and charging for the cost? Is this what we have been reduced to? Get the bad guy at any cost. 

Do we still sing O Canada in schools anymore? Is there no more pride or honour in being Canadian?

If no one remembers the great wars when countries with dictators were freed. Canadian lives were lost to give others the freedoms that as Canadians we took for granted.

Then think of China, where speaking out against the government can land you in jail and even tortured. Is this where we are going?

There is no doubt that drugs are a problem. Let’s do what we can to get rid of all the crime involved in the drug trade, but do not make criminals out of innocent citizens.

Having met the mayor of Mission years ago, he appeared to be the kind of person you would be proud to have as a friend. Bright, articulate, passionate about Mission, a super guy.

I was shocked  and disappointed that he would not have corrected this problem as soon as he was made aware of it.

Perhaps with all he is involved with that he has lost sight of who he is responsible to, and why we have all supported him.

Let’s get back on track and hold our heads high again for the greatest country in the world. Let’s do more than party, have parades, and fireworks; let’s be leaders again, so others will see us as a country to emulate.

 Tom Lester