End the illegal sale of salmon

When will our B.C. government deal with our salmon illegally for sale?

When will our B.C. government deal with our salmon illegally for sale?

I keep hearing of lots of people buying sockeye when there has been no sports opening, limited if any commercial openings, and a food and ceremony only (First Nations) fishery.

Please do not buy illegally sold B.C. salmon.

If you do, we will have no more resources in a few more years.

We have been protecting the endangered Chilliwack Lake sockeye run for years, to the point of shutting down commercial and sports fisheries.

Yet there are nets from the mouth to the lake, taking everything.

Can someone please explain the reasoning for allowing this?

B.C. could be a fishing and hunting mecca of the world, yet our conservation policing and our hatchery funding keep getting cut by our government.

Also, the sportsmen, who pay the most to the government per fish and stimulate our economy, are penalized, while mass netting and selling fish are allowed to continue.

This has to stop.

There are a lot of angry people out there.

Please do not buy our children’s future for a short-term gain.

Steve Organ