Elected officials are community gatekeepers

Reader offended by the sexual exploitation of women at the AESC as the Lingerie Football League will place a team there.

I am highly offended by the sexual exploitation of women at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre.  I am referring to the Lingerie Football League coming to the public arena, that is being paid for by the taxpayers of Abbotsford.

This new league is being introduced to our city at the same time that women are being warned to stay off the streets of Abbotsford by the police due to sexual predators on the loose.

Can you not see the irony of this?

I am also offended that this paper would run a front page picture of this league.

I appeal to the men of Abbotsford to protect and defend  the women in your lives against exploitation in any shape or form.  I appeal to the mayor and to the council to use your influence to stop this desperate economic  effort to save tax dollars at the expense of women everywhere.  We depend on our elected officials to be gatekeepers for our community, particularly for the vulnerable.

I will be praying for Jason Blumenfeld, the general manager of the AESC, the mayor and the council members, and for the women of Abbotsford.

Perhaps we can replace lingerie football with something that is truly redemptive for the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sport Centre.

Eleanore Klassen