EDITORIAL: Continue Dave’s work

The passing of Dave Holmberg draws deeply on the pool of community spirit in Abbotsford

The passing of Dave Holmberg draws deeply on the pool of community spirit in Abbotsford.

For four decades, Holmberg was a fixture across the city, raising money for major charitable causes, helping politicians run for office, and even moving land and earth himself to shape community institutions like Ledgeview Golf Course and the Discovery Trail.

His life deserves to be honoured and remembered, and it will be. But just as much, it needs to be emulated.

Few residents can donate $1 million to a cause they are passionate about. But most can spare at least some of their hard-earned money to help those in need, or provide vital services that may be lacking or needing improvement.

Not every resident can get behind a backhoe to craft a trail system to be enjoyed by thousands for decades to come.

But most can pick up a shovel and help a charity maintain a property or pursue a new capital project.

Not everyone has the business background to chair the board of an international airport. But many non-profits need dedicated and caring people to sit on their committees and offer advice and passion.

Certainly not all have the political know-how and contacts to manage campaigns for mayors or MLAs, or even personally run for office.

But each of us has the ability to volunteer time to make phone calls or collect signatures on behalf of someone we believe can make a difference in our community.

As his son noted, Dave Holmberg lived a “great life.”

Abbotsford does well to recognize his contributions, and the type of city and community he helped create for his family and fellow citizens.

Holmberg’s legacy of energy, dedication and generosity deserves to be carried on, by everyone, even in the smallest of ways.