EDITORIAL: Be informed, then vote

With less than a week to go until the federal election, there’s little time left for voters ...

With less than a week to go until the federal election, there’s little time left for voters – and we seriously hope they’ve done so already – to give some serious thought to who they want to lead the country forward for the next four years.

The local scene has changed this year, with the creation of a new riding called Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon that covers a vast area, including a portion of Abbotsford. There is no incumbent, of course, so that makes the task of learning about the candidates and their platforms even more important.

This issue of The News carries profiles on each of the six hopefuls. Last Friday, we featured the five candidates in the familiar Abbotsford riding, and all of that information, along with related local stories, is available at abbynews.com.

There are numerous ways to become additionally informed, including a selection of regional and national media coverage, reading candidate websites or visiting their offices, or asking questions by phone and email.

What will these candidates do for the community should they win a seat on Oct. 19? How knowledgeable are they on issues that matter? How strongly will they make our community’s voice heard in Ottawa? Which of them best represents what you see as the best direction, locally and nationally?

The bottom line is this: Oct. 19 isn’t just another day. It will determine the country’s path forward for a significant length of time – a term in which much can happen, both positive and negative.

No doubt, there will be those unhappy with some or all of the decisions of those who are elected to effect change or stay the course. Many are unhappy with the electoral process altogether and have a jaundiced view of all politicians, regardless of party affiliations.

The reality is that those who don’t vote will have no right to complain.