Drug-free building laudable but laughable

Re: Editorial, “An important project,” Feb. 22.After reading this editorial and also the piece, “Building a foundation,” a number of words come to mind, such as credulity, gullible, naivety or self-delusion.The articles refer to the 84-unit apartment building restricted to women and children to be operated by the Women’s Resource Society.   Their claim that this building will be a “alcohol- and drug-free environment” is laudable, but laughable.Given the fact prisons are unable to keep their well-secured facilities drug-free, how is this possible for an 84-unit building not surrounded by razor wire?How does the charter of rights and freedoms view a “women only” facility, and will men be allowed on the premises even to visit?  Even with an airport-style pat-down security system, this facility is going to evolve into a bureaucratic, ever-increasing drag upon the taxpayer.  This 84-unit project is much different than the usual 12 bed units currently being run. Good luck!

T.B. Mortimer