LETTER: Don’t need recycling with so many rules

Decision to become part of the recycle BC program places an added burden to taxpayers

Mission council’s decision to become part of the recycle BC program places an added burden to taxpayers.

First, they reduce garbage pick up to a bi-weekly schedule in a misguided effort to encourage recycling and rot pot use. Then, they put restrictions on the recyclables. Does this make sense to anyone?

If we can’t recycle film plastic it’s my prediction that most households will throw away the plastic only adding to our landfill. Or finding someone else’s blue bags dumped on their yard or worse yet in our ditches.

How about those with mobility issues sorting and taking this plastic to the depot?

How will the waste management pickups determine if you have plastic in your blue bag? Are they to inspect each bag prior to determining whether or not it gets thrown in the truck? Or will there be issues of bags being left which actually are compliant?

The District has huge issues with garbage dumping and the last thing taxpayers need is an unworkable waste management system creating headaches for residents. We don’t need recycling with so many rules and restrictions that it’s counterproductive. We need a robust, comprehensive recycling program that enables residents to take part. Simplify the pick up process and sort out the materials at the facility.

Let’s create jobs for a few instead of putting the burden on the many. We need vision and leadership on our council and I feel they have dropped the ball on this issue.

Michael Nenn