Consider out-of-school activities

Re: “new” spring break option…

I want to say that I do appreciate the effort that went into the original two-week option that included spring break at Easter.

I believe it was a creative attempt at appeasing both sides of the argument by utilizing existing days off to accommodate those parents who didn’t want to see longer school days in exchange for more days off.

However, I don’t think the impact on other areas was given enough weight with the original solution. The impact on children and families who are involved in activities outside of school would have been huge. It would have resulted in either students being withdrawn from extra-curricular programs or children missing additional school time in order to maintain their participation in those activities.

I completely understand that the mandate of the Abbotsford Board of Education revolves strictly around the education of our children.

However, if we want our children to grow and excel in areas other than (as well as including) the three R’s, it is essential that their participation in outside activities be given consideration too.

Thank you for providing the “status quo” alternative. It got my vote!

Shelley Godwin