COLUMN: Is one in five of us really a ‘wingnut?’

Apparently, one in five British Columbians believe in UFOs, the existence of sasquatch, conspiracy theories and the like.

Apparently, one in five British Columbians believe in UFOs, the existence of sasquatch, conspiracy theories and the like.

I’m not entirely sure I would list myself among that 20 per cent, though every now and then on backcountry trips, weird ideas of who/what is sharing the woods has come to mind.

However, other than plaster casts of supposed sasquatch footprints and invariably blurred and out-of-focus photos, there isn’t much evidence of actuality.

Perhaps one day an intrepid hiker equipped with a quality camera will get a crisp close-up, or find a clump of hair that DNA testing will confirm isn’t from a well-aged hippy or roaming bear.

Similarly, I have a hard time believing in UFOs. If someone/something is flying into our airspace you’d think they’d have the courtesy or curiosity to land. Otherwise, they came an awfully long way for a simple aerial view of planet Earth. And let’s face it, with the technology they must possess to get here, they certainly wouldn’t have anything to fear from us.

Yet, I am leaning more and more towards the possibility that someone did visit us from afar thousands of years ago.

There is a fascinating television series aired on the History Channel Thursday evenings called Ancient Aliens.

The program is essentially one of questions about how things were built back in the dawn of our history, and the theories presented are compelling. What is remarkable and, unlike sasquatch photos, is presented with extreme clarity, are massive stone slabs precisely cut … so precise you can’t slip a piece of paper between them. And by massive I mean weighing in the hundreds or thousands of tons.

We do not have equipment today that is capable of lifting and placing such slabs. And the precision with which they are cut is truly incredible, even more so when you consider that the only tools and technology available to mankind five or ten thousand years ago was a stick with a rock attached at the end, and perhaps a bronze chisel or two.

No saws or drills, no instruments to ensure precision, no massive cranes to haul them in place, and no, to our knowledge, form of power to accomplish the work.

Yet these technological wonders were accomplished at locations across the Earth – Central America, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Europe – seemingly all at roughly the same time.

Even today our brightest minds are unable to provide rational answers to explain how these buildings and stone work were accomplished.

Yes, there is the idea that thousands upon thousands of slaves hauled stones for generations to build the pyramids, but where did the precision of their layout come from? And what is most revealing is that the Pyramids of Giza are not as intricately constructed as other ancient buildings.

The precision of design, however, is constant no matter where these immense buildings or incredible stone cuttings are located across the world. And if you believe the large slabs of stone were rolled to their sites on logs, there is massive evidence of such movement where no trees existed, or high up on mountainsides.

I not arguing one way or the other about whether or not all of this was done with highly advanced technology by aliens from a planet far away and long ago.

I am, however, like the program narrators, questioning how it was accomplished.

Unfortunately, until a UFO does land and offers an explanation, I’m willing to be entertained, and perhaps educated, with the questions posed and answers given by the folks on Ancient Aliens.