CFLs are hazardous

Re: Give us reasons, not laws, to cut energy use (Feb. 1, Opinion)

I agree the incandescent light bulbs should not be banned.

1. The compact fluorescent light bulbs emit ultraviolet radiation. Radiation is a cause of cancer, and we’re told not to sit near CFLs for a prolonged time.

2. Those with light sensitivities or lupus should refrain from direct exposure to CFLs.

3. CFLs are not intended to for use with dimmers or lights that are fully enclosed. Specialized CFLs are required for these fixtures.

4. CFL tubes contain argon gas and mercury, which is a dangerous poison. The vapour accumulates and never leaves the body.

5. Dead CFLs are household hazardous waste because mercury is a health hazard. They should be taken to a specified recycling depot.

American lighting expert Howard Brandston believes CFLs will present “serious health, environmental and basic living concerns” for everyone. They contain mercury which can be dangerous if the bulb breaks. “CFLs warrant safe cleanup when broken as well as proper disposal recycling. Most CFLs will end up in landfills.”

Mary Roadhouse