Bear should have been tranquilized

A black bear was shot and killed on Sunday night just as it left my yard.

A black bear was shot and killed on Sunday night just as it left my yard. I watched in horror from my four-year-old’s bedroom window as 10 to 12  shots were fired into this amazing animal.

I would like to start by stating that the Abbotsford police had no choice but to shoot this bear.

They did it in because of the safety of the people in this area. APD did all that they could to scare this bear away. That being said, had the conservation officers done their job, this did not have to go down this way. This bear was in NO WAY being aggressive, he was hungry.

I made a 911 call shortly after 7 p.m. of a bear in my backyard. I was told police were on their way and conservation officers had been contacted. Police attended immediately. The conservation officers never showed up. Close to four hours later this animal was killed.

I want answers as to why the people we count on to protect and relocate this bear could not be bothered to come and deal with this.

I believe in my heart that the outcome may very well have been the same. I stood less than 10 feet from this bear, and he wasn’t scared of me at all.

Yet, had the conservation officer attended the scene when they were alerted of this bear, he could have been tranquilized and relocated.

I am very saddened and angry to see this beautiful animal destroyed in such a horrible manner.

This did not have to happen!

Tracy Murru