B.C. finances in disarray

Thank goodness for a provincial auditor general. Otherwise, how would we have found out that the provincial books are in “disarray”...

Thank goodness for a provincial auditor general. Otherwise, how would we have found out that the provincial books are in “disarray” and an “absolute mess.”

According to the auditor general, the Liberal’s figures for the most recent deficit are out by about half a billion dollars. It’s easy to guess the direction of the difference.

Apparently the auditor general has been trying for years to effect change, and says “not enough progress has been made.”

Why would this be? Do we not hear that the best people cost money? Yet Victoria’s highly paid bureaucrats apparently aren’t very good at math.

Some responsibility should lay on those who continue to support the provincial Liberals.

In the past I have taken my concerns to local MLAs, as well as directly to Gordon Campbell.  I pointed out the contradiction of lowering taxes while raising the debt-load for future generations.  Since I am a supporter of the Greens, I can be easily dismissed.

Why have Liberal supporters not asked for accountability from their representatives?

I would not wish the mess of our provincial books on anyone.

At the same time, I hope those still in the Liberal camp do not stretch credulity by suggesting anyone could do a worse job than the present crew.

Regina Dalton

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