Area great for industrial park

I am a resident living on Baynes Street, in the proposed “East Gloucester” area.

I am a resident living on Baynes Street, in the proposed “East Gloucester” area.

We have lived here for about 11 years.  I recently attended the meeting at the Bradner Hall regarding the drainage tax and the proposed industrial plan for Gloucester East.

I was shocked with the language that was used by some of the people there. I think we can get our point across without all the profanity and name-calling.

People seem to think that we are getting rich off our property,  but I can assure you that is not the case.  I am offended at being called “money hungry, greedy, or one of those people,” and that we’re being offered the “moon and stars” from the developer.

We have not received any monies from the developer, contrary to what people are saying.

I would also like to point out that this is not viable farmland.

I applaud Patrick Selinger for speaking out at the Bradner Hall meeting.  He is totally right about the poor soil conditions.

I know that others wanted to speak for the Gloucester East properties, but were too intimidated by the hostile environment, including myself.

People seem to have a mob mentality at these meetings and won’t let you speak.  I hope the mayor, councillors and the Agricultural Land Commission give everyone a fair hearing and not let the people from outside the Bradner area bully their influence on them.

When you look at the big picture, you’re talking about two per cent of the Bradner area for industrial.

This area would be great for a community friendly industrial park.  It was said at the meeting that Abbotsford would go from collecting $70,000 to $11 million in taxes each year. That would pay for your drainage tax!

Abbotsford is growing rapidly and we have to ensure our children can work and live in Abbotsford.

Geraldine Kurtenacker