Another side of Ledgeview issue

This letter is in regards to P. Dodd’s letter “Ledgeview deserves help from City of Abbotsford," April 1.

This letter is in regards to P. Dodd’s letter “Ledgeview deserves help from City of Abbotsford,” April 1, regarding the financial assistance required by the Ledgeview golf course. His letter shows how important the considerations of both sides of an argument can be.

Mr. Dodd states Ledgeview is the only full-length course in Abbotsford, and this is the main reason why it should be helped, but doesn’t say a word about the three other golf courses that all provide the same service that Ledgeview does, albeit with some fewer holes.

Mr. Dodd then goes on to say that the municipalities surrounding Abbotsford all have more than one course, and that Ledgeview is the crown jewel of Abbotsford. But, as stated earlier, there are four courses available for use in Abbotsford. Most people don’t consider Ledgeview the centerpiece of Abbotsford, and would likely put the AESC or UFV as the city jewel.

Tournaments and events at Ledgeview do promote the city, but they are so scarcely occurring that any revenue made is easily cancelled out by the amount of money that would be spent to keep Ledgeview up and running.

I am confused as to how local businesses can significantly profit from out-of-town golfers. A few rounds of golf will only take a few hours, and golfers will most likely finish their game and go home, maybe grabbing a bite to eat from McDonalds.

Personally, I agree with you that Ledgeview receive financial aid, but it should be in the interest of the taxpayers, and should be voted on by the taxpayers after they know what they are paying for.

Arshdeep Sharma