All so much fun

I have read too many negative remarks about the Abbotsford Heat.

I have read too many negative remarks about the Abbotsford Heat.

I wonder if the people complaining have ever gone to a game and felt the community spirit there.

I am not a real hockey fan, but I really love the atmosphere at the Heat games.

Recently, I attended the game with my dogs. It was fabulous.

The great thing about it was that $5 from each dog ticket was donated to the SPCA.

As I walked through the lobby, the SPCA was there with information about their programs, treats from the makers, or “Greenies” were being handed out to the dogs,

As I walked, I ran into dog food samples, face painting, poster making, water bowls for dogs, and even dog cupcakes at the cupcake stand.

Farther along a photographer was taking pictures of pets, and another company handed out amazing chew sticks.

The national anthem is another awesome event in itself. Local talent sing, and they are exceptional!

When they finish, the crowds roar!

Clayburn Middle School students are producing broadcasts, young hockey players are out on the ice playing a game, parents selling 50/50  tickets, and kids even get a chance to ride on the Zamboni.

I love seeing all the red in the audience. People catching T-shirts, bags of chips, winning jerseys, playing the Tim Horton game.

Great music, Hawkey, friendly people, yummy popcorn, the kiss cam – it is all so much fun.

It isn’t just about the hockey. Families are there. Lots of happy children dancing and cheering in the stands.

I am proud to be a resident of Abbotsford.

Furthermore, I am proud we have a wonderful entertainment complex and a great hockey team.

I am going to stay positive and embrace the facilities  and entertainment we have in our community.

I challenge you to come out and see for yourself.

Shelley Patterson