Abbotsford is drowning in debt

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we being penalized for saving water last summer?

Mayor Peary is saying the citizens of Abbotsford did such a great job of conserving water last summer,  that now the citizens of Abbotsford have to pay $1.5 million in revenue shortfall, because of the city’s poor planning?

So, if we would have used $1.5 million worth of water, there would be no increase in water rates? Will the water rates come back down when the $1.5 million dollars is paid? I doubt it.

Isn’t the main objective here to save water? Why did we save all that water just to be charged for it anyway?

Who is in charge of these so-called sales projections? This person should be fired.

How can you assume citizens are going to use so much water, when we have been on water restrictions for the past three or more summers, that it will fill up the city’s bank account? Then, when your projection wasn’t met, you charge us anyway.

We should have watered our lawns anyway – then I would feel like I’m getting something for my money.

I run a small business, and if my projections are off I don’t charge my customers more to make up for the difference. I take the loss.

I’m getting sick and tired of paying for the city’s mistakes, poor planning and mismanagement.

All you do is spend, spend, spend. The city needs to get their ducks in a row before we all drown in this debt hole the city is digging.

Rick Fladager