Abbotsford does help those who are drug addicted

Why would anyone wish to continue feeding the addicts harmful drug habits that encourage them to remain trapped....

Re: City falls behind in caring, July 24.

I truly sympathize with letter writer Myron Neville’s strong desire to help the stumbling in our society living amongst us.

I do, however, resent his insinuations that Abbotsford is falling behind in this category.

Somehow, I cannot help but wonder if Neville’s opinion is not narrow minded?

Why would anyone wish to continue feeding the addicts harmful drug habits that encourage them to remain trapped in the clutches of despair and destruction?

One only needs to check out the Vancouver East Side drug abuse scenery to have your stomach turn as you watch the pure hell on earth these people have created for themselves.

Yes, Neville, I commend Mayor Banman and Abbotsford Council for taking a stand that a detox program must be included in any type of treatment ideas.

Handing any person the tools to sink down even further is not treatment at all.

The harsh fact remains that the choice to leave drug and alcohol addiction is up to the individual to make. In the City of Abbotsford, the road to recovery does not have to be walked alone.

There is plenty of help everywhere you look.

I think of the now 25-year-old Peardonville House and the successful LIFE Recovery treatment and rehabilitation homes. Wonderful places that offer healing, shelter and renewed hope for the future to countless  struggling souls.  It is here where woman in deep despair receive renewed hope, understanding, support and loving care and gives them the life skills to go out and build their own happy homes.

Oh, let’s not forget what the Salvation Army does on a daily basis for the needy. The MCC programs are more shining examples, and that’s just the beginning. Neville, have you any idea how many volunteer hours that go into helping the needy amongst us?

However, not everyone has the same outlook on how to best help the needy. But that does not mean that your or my views are the best there is to offer, does it?

Gertie Pool