Abbotsford council adds insult upon injury

Re. Kevin Mills’ article on water and sewer rates. 

 Tell me something, wondrous councilors, how can you justify such enormous unnecessary costs to the taxpayer?  You are adding insult to injury by not only raising the rates so high, but spending $20,000 to get our bills every two months.

At the rate you are going, young families will be struggling even harder than they are now.

And what do you expect pensioners to do, sell their homes and live in cellars?  

You told us you needed more money to get our water from another source.  You tell us it will promote conservation and detect leaks. 

But Mayor George Peary let the cat out of the bag when he said, “it would help create cash flow.”  

More of our money for you to waste.

It reminds me of something I  read that said, “Soothing words of the foxes, spoken upon taking command of the chicken coop.” 

The chickens are getting wise to your methods, Let’s hope it is not too late.

Gwen Woods