Wilma Hunter

June 7, 2020
In Loving Memory of Wilma Hunter ~ On June 7th it was one year since our Mom passed away peacefully with loving family at her side. We miss our Mom physically so much but are also very grateful that she is still with us in spirit.
Our Mom’s love is so strong that it continues to this day and she continues to guide us and teach us. Mom, since your passing last year we have heard from so many people about the exceptional care that you provided to their loved ones over your many years as a Mental Health Care Worker in Special Care Facilities and as a Health Care Worker in Senior Care Homes. Hearing families tell us how their lives were improved and how they slept better and had less guilt about having had to place their loved ones into Special Care Facilities and Senior Care Homes because they knew that you were looking after their loved ones with kindness, care, compassion and love is inspiring and makes us so proud of you.
We have also heard so many beautiful stories from the many friends you have made over the years of living at your complex. Wonderful stories which often included how you cared for them and treated them as if they were part of your own family.
Mom, you have always put your family’s needs ahead of your own. You have done that your entire life. You have always been someone filled with kindness, care, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, good humor and unconditional love. We are all so thankful and grateful for everything you have done for us. What is truly beautiful is that you were not all of these things to just your family, you were these things to so many people, even complete strangers. Giving money if you have money is easy. Giving your time, love, kindness and compassion to others including strangers is not easy. It takes a special kind of person to do this. Thank you very much, Mom, for giving us an example of what really is important in life. It is not the size of the home you live in or what kind of car you drive or how rich you are that is important. The most important things in life are things that you can not buy with money. These are things that all of us have within us that we can give to others that cost us nothing to give yet can have such a positive impact on other people’s lives. Thank you Mom for showing this to us.
Thank you Mom for continuing to teach us to this day. Some of these lessons have been the hardest lessons we have ever had to learn but are also the most important. If everyone tried to be a little more like you Mom, the world would become a better, kinder and nicer place. Our Mom used to often talk about wanting to win the lottery so that she could help many people in need. The truth is, Mom, that you helped so many people without having to win the lottery. Being there for others with your kindness, love and compassion and listening to people’s issues and giving them advice is worth much more than anything that winnings from a lottery could ever do. Mom, you never had to win the lottery to help others, you are and always have been the prize and every one of us whose lives you have touched has always known this. We have won the lottery by being blessed by having you in our lives. We love you and are so proud of you Mom, and we will do our best to make you proud of us.
Our Mom has supported the Salvation Army, BC Cancer and the local SPCA for many years. Donations to these organizations would be greatly appreciated. However, if you are not able to make a donation, anyone that knows our Mom knows that nothing would make her happier than people performing random acts of kindness in her memory.
Loved and dearly missed by: Ingrid Grajewski (Dahle, West Germany), husband Ben (Benny) Bilodeau (Elena Mihalache), sons; Thomas Bilodeau (Renee), Michael Bilodeau (Heidi), and Christian Bilodeau (Lisa Cathersides), grandchildren Chad Cuddeford and Corey Bilodeau, great grandchildren Kelliann and Shawn Cuddeford, family pet Punkin and her many friends.

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