Repairs to White Rock’s storm-damaged pier could exceed $16 million, according to a city report. (Christy Fox photo)

Repairs to White Rock’s storm-damaged pier could exceed $16 million, according to a city report. (Christy Fox photo)

White Rock pier repairs could cost $16.2 million: report

Consultant’s findings to be presented at Jan. 28 council meeting

White Rock’s pier could cost “in the range” of $16.2 million to repair, a consultant hired to assess the damage has determined.

According to a staff report that is to be presented to council Monday (Jan. 28), the preliminary figure provided by Westmar Advisors is for a steel pile and concrete deck option, and includes such components as the west float, design and construction management, debris clean-up and arches/electrical.

Should the city opt for a timber pile and deck option, the estimate drops to $14.1 million, the report notes.

Westmar was hired by the city on an emergency basis on Dec. 20, the day a violent windstorm resulted in the city’s iconic pier splitting in two.

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The following day, the city’s mayor predicted the cost of fixing the structure would “probably be in the millions.”

“It’s very easy for projects these days to run to that kind of money,” Mayor Darryl Walker said.

Jan. 14, staff told council it was estimated that refurbishing the entire structure would cost $6 million.

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The Jan. 28 report notes the latest estimate includes the west wharf, however, “there may be additional costs involved with re-establishing the marina, as this has not yet been fully established.”

As well, the pier is insured for approximately $7 million, however, it’s possible “more or less than that” may be recoverable through the policy. Costs of cleaning up East Beach, estimated at $600,000, are not covered by insurance, the report adds.

Staff recommendations to council include endorsing an application for grant funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program-Community, Culture and Recreation, and commiting to the city’s share of project costs ($4,277,195) as outlined in the grant application.

The application was submitted on Jan. 23, as that was the deadline to apply, however, a council resolution is required, the report notes.

City officials have said they hope to reopen the pier by the end of August.

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