WHERE THEY STAND: Abbotsford candidates on highway widening and transit to Vancouver

WHERE THEY STAND: Abbotsford candidates on highway widening and transit to Vancouver

Parties and local candidates differ on tolls, transit and highway widening

The issue:

The current government has included the widening of Highway 1 to Whatcom Road in their 10-year transportation plan. But transit connections to Metro Vancouver are still few and far between.

The parties’ platforms:

The NDP has pledged to eliminate bridge tolls, while the BC Liberals say they will cap tolls at $500/year for commuters.

The BC Liberals say they would “increase funding” for BC transit based on population need and usage. The widening of Highway 1 is not listed in the platform.

The NDP says it would upgrade highways across the province, and fund more transit in Metro Vancouver.

The Green Party says it would “implement a rational tolling system to manage congestion” and support upgrades to transit in Metro Vancouver.

We asked the local candidates:

Aird Flavelle, Green Party, Abbotsford South

Why does your party want to retain bridge tolls?

Flavelle: “Having tolls on two bridges only has done nothing but warp the traffic patterns … there should be road pricing on all the bridges, not just the two.”

Mike de Jong, BC Liberals, Abbotsford West

Would your government increase transportation links between Abbotsford and other Lower Mainland communities for those who don’t have vehicles?

“…. In the short to medium term that probably involves buses and fast buses as opposed to light rail or more expensive forms of transit and that’s purely based on usership and population density. I think there will be a day when different forms and light rail do make sense in Abbotsford. I don’t think we’re they’re yet.”

Preet Rai, BC NDP, Abbotsford West

Do you support the widening of Highway 1 to Abbotsford?

“We will be looking at all the infrastructure … to do with all of B.C. We have pledged that we will take out the polls in B.C. … For the [widening] of the highway, we will be looking into it.”

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