Rock star Chad Kroeger and his Nickelback mates played in Abbotsford in 1997.

Rock star Chad Kroeger and his Nickelback mates played in Abbotsford in 1997.

WATCH: Nickelback plays a live show in Abbotsford in 1997

Video of popular rock band playing obscure show surfaces on YouTube

One of the most commercially successful Canadian rock bands of all-time performed at an intimate venue in Abbotsford in 1997.

At least, according to our uploader friend “NickelbackMusicLive” who blessed YouTube and the Internet with a 9:14 video of the performance bacj=k on Nov. 15, 2012.

The video has garnered over 11,000 views and some rather poignant comments from YouTube users.

“I miss nickelback old sound. I still like their new stuff. Anyways sad that these guys are getting so much hate. Nickelback are amazing. Sad that back in 1997 nobody hated them or nobody even cared for them because they were not famous. Then when nickelback became big they got HATED. In 1997 they had no idea they were about to become the biggest rock band of the 2000s as well as the most hated one on the late of that decade. I love nickelback and they are going to be here for 50 YEARS,” stated user “PEIN1518” about six years ago.

User “xxNickelbackRockz123” stated that it was the first time that Brandon (lead singer Chad Kroeger’s cousin) was the drummer. The user then quickly corrected his or herself stating that it was actually not Brandon.

YouTube user “Nate420 DELETED VIDEOS” claimed it was his uncle on drums.

It’s unclear just who is drumming in the 22-year-old clip, but other users speculate it could be Mitch Guindon – who had a short run in 1997-98 with the band.

Nickelback would go on to sell over 50-million records in the years following this historical clip.

Kroeger at one time owned a large property in Abbotsford on North Burgess Avenue, in rural northern Abbotsford near the Fraser River. It was sold for $8.25 million in 2017.

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