Warning issued about ‘high risk’ sex offender, formerly of Abbotsford

Warning issued about ‘high risk’ sex offender, formerly of Abbotsford

Jeffrey Goddard, now living in Surrey, committed most of his offences in Abbotsford

B.C.’s Ministry of Public Safety is warning Surrey residents of a “high-risk” sex offender who is living in the city.

Jeffrey Goddard, who committed most of his offfences in Abbotsford before moving to Surrey, is the subject of a public notification from the ministry’s corrections branch. A news release was issued Tuesday afternoon.

Goddard, according to the release, “has maintained a pattern of sexual offending against male youth and adults… in both an opportunistic and predatory manner.”

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He is also known to communicate with male and female youth by computer, the release notes.

Goddard is described as Caucasian, 5’ 9”, 170 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. In the past, he has presented himself as female, has worn female wigs and used the names Jessica Goddard or Brandy Leanne Goddard.

He has a criminal history that includes sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching and luring under 16, impersonating a police officer and firefighter, and failure to comply with probation.

He is currently living in Surrey, and is under “close monitoring by authorities.”

Goddard is under 23 court-ordered conditions, which include not communicating directly or indirectly with anyone under the age of 18; not establishing, maintaining or accessing any social-networking sites and websites; and not attending any park, school, daycare, pool, playground, skating rink, community centre or recreational centre.

A previous warning was issued to Surrey residents about Goddard in 2017.