It was a great weekend to enjoy some outdoor activity

It was a great weekend to enjoy some outdoor activity

Warm weather, but no record

It was a warm and sunny holiday weekend, but rain will return by Friday.

It seems that spring weather has arrived as local residents enjoyed a warm, sun-filled holiday weekend.

While temperatures were abnormally high for the end of March, no records were broken – at least not in Abbotsford.

Environment Canada meteorologist Johnson Zhong said Sunday was the warmest day of the weekend in Abbotsford with temperatures hitting 20.8 degrees Celsius.

The record is 22.0, set in 1987.

However, in Chilliwack on Sunday, the temperature hit 24.3 C, breaking the 113 year old record of 23.9 which occurred in 1900.

Normal temperatures for both Abbotsford and Chilliwack is about 12 degrees for this time of year,” said Zhong.

This week’s average temperature was between 16 and 17.

Don’t expect the sunshine to last. The forecast is for cooler, wetter weather as the week progresses.

Tuesday’s forecast calls for some drizzle while rain is expected by Thursday night with temperatures dropping to a high of only 13.