Vye Road overpass project delayed

Municipality negotiating with province and railway companies

The $25-million infrastructure project to upgrade Highway 11, improve border traffic, and build a new overpass across Vye Road will be delayed.

When first announced, the project was expected to go to construction in 2014, with completion in the fall of 2016.

Now, the timeline has been adjusted as the city is still negotiating agreements with CP and Southern Rail to cross the rail tracks at McConnell Road, and the process has taken longer than anticipated.

George Murray, city manager, said the delay is “somewhat unexpected,” but the city is “actively pursuing the negotiations,” with the province and the rail companies.

The two-lane overpass over the Southern Rail and CP Rail lines will be constructed on Vye Road to improve safety, and a new crossing of both rail lines is planned to be built along McConnell Road, connecting Riverside Road to Highway 11 (Sumas Way).

The federal, provincial and municipal governments will equally share the costs, with the contribution at $8.33 million each.